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Welcome to the website of the Northumbrian Pipers' Society. The NPS was established in 1928 to promote the indigenous bagpipes of the North-East of England - the Northumbrian Smallpipes and the Half-long or Border pipes. Since then these instruments have achieved great popularity, both in their home region and around the world. Today's Society continues to encourage the playing, making, study and development of the Northumbrian pipes and their music. On this site you can find information on the Pipes, the Music and the Society. We have listings of not only Society events, but many other piping events on around the world. See our What's On section for Local Groups, Sessions, Concerts and Workshops.




A Tribute to Colin Ross

19 October 2019 7.30pm, King's Hall, Newcastle University



It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Colin Ross. One of the modern legends in the world of Northumbrian Piping and traditional music. His influence has been extraordinary as a musician, maker and teacher. Colin's enthusiasm for our instrument and its music knew no limits, inspiring countless people to get involved in our wonderful traditions by his encouragement and support. His legacy is immense.

The NPS Annual Concert this year will mark this legacy, with performances from many of the pipers and musicians who both knew and were influenced by him. During the concert there will be a mass play of pipes made by Colin - anyone with a Ross F set is welcome to join in with this.

The High Level Ranters, Andy May, Chris Ormston, Pauline Cato, Adrian Schofield, Rob & Ali Say, Julia Say, Andy & Margaret Watchorn, and Hamish Moore

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There are many other piping events on around the world.

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